Parents Meet w/ Trustee Bishop tomorrow (4/5) Tuesday at 5 PM

Trustee Kate Bishop chooses a few schools to visit and meet with staff and parents each month. She listens carefully and takes lots of notes. She later shares her most memorable experiences of that school at the Board Meeting.

I hope that you can take the time to logon and represent the parents of our great school tomorrow, Tuesday, at 5 PM. Please use this link to connect to the meeting.

en español: Cada mes, Trustee Kate Bishop elige varias escuelas para visitar y reunirse con el personal y los padres de esas escuelas. Ella plática con ustedes y toma muchas notas. Después, en la Junta Directiva del Distrito, ella comparte sus impresiones de esas escuelas.

Espero que puedan tomar el tiempo para representar a los padres de nuestra gran escuela mañana, martes, a las 5 p. m. Utilice este enlace para conectarse a la reunión.

Author: Dr. Carmen Emery


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