Two Important Surveys!

Hello Valley Vista Families! I am sending out two very important surveys today. We are planning to distribute devices to families that will need them before the new school year begins.

***The link for Kinder was coming up for 1st-6th 😦 It’s been changed! So please if you are bringing us a Kindergartener, try the Kinder survey link again. Sorry about that.

The first survey is for 1st through 6th grade students only. If your child already has one of our “loaner” laptops or if your child has their own device at home, or of your child will be in Kindergarten for this new school year –  there is no need for you to respond to this survey.

For 1st through 6th grade students that may need a loaner laptop or access to WiFi for this new 2020-2021 school-year.

The second attached survey is for all our new Kindergarten students.

Please cut & paste the link that applies to you into your browser. Then you can respond & submit from there. Please submit by this Friday, 8/14.

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Author: Dr. Carmen Emery


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