Hello Valley Vista Families!

I have two important items to share: the Parent-Student Handbook and the Residency Verification process that must be completed before school begins.

The Parent-Student Handbook has been updated and linked here for you take a look. Please note that while the Important Dates section gives you an idea of what’s to come throughout the school-year, due the COVID-19, everything is subject to change and several sections do not apply until we return to in-person school. As the individual important events draw near, you can expect posts that will alert you and give you specific details.

Our District’s Residency Verification process will begin this coming week. This is not required of new students, including our new Kindergarteners that registered from February 19th of this year to today. For everyone else though, for all returning students, parents will have to fill out the appropriate attached form and provide us with a photocopy or picture of one of the approved documents as listed on the form. The documents must be dated no later than July 1st, and the form must be signed by the parent whose name appears on the document. I will send a follow-up mid-week message with details on how to get the forms to us either electronically or via a “drop-off” procedure. Please review the attached forms so you can begin acquiring the necessary documents.  

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